Best CBD:THC Ratio for Energy

CBD & THC for Energy

You might typically associate cannabinoids with drowsiness or laziness. While CBD (cannabidiol) is a relaxant that might help you fall asleep at night, it can have the opposite effect when taken in smaller doses.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is also known for its sleepy side effects, but small amounts help clear your mind so you can better focus. CBD lessens the psychoactive effects of THC, making it easier to harness that “in the zone” feeling without getting distracted.

Although both of these cannabinoids are great tools if you struggle to fall asleep at night or if you need to relax your muscles, they can also be used to wake you up and help your brain get going for the day.

Here are a few ways CBD and THC work for energy.

1. CBD & THC May Lessen Pain or Discomfort

It’s widely known that CBD and THC are powerful pain relievers, especially when used together. These cannabinoids lessen pain by interacting with the GABA receptors, which regulate the body’s response to something painful.

Cannabinoids like CBD and THC also interact with the central nervous system to soothe aching muscles, discomfort, and tension.

If you suffer from pain that detracts from the amount of energy you have throughout the day, a CBD:THC ratio product may help get some of that energy back simply by removing painful stressors.

Fatigue is one of the most debilitating symptoms of chronic pain — being in pain takes up much of the body’s energy, especially if it impacts times of rest. Pain is also incredibly distracting, so by removing it as a factor, it may feel like you have an easier time focusing on tasks.

2. CBD & THC Can Improve Sleep

Another indirect way that CBD and THC may provide you with more energy is by improving your sleep. Getting poor sleep, especially on a regular basis, has a profound impact on your daily energy levels.

Large doses of CBD and THC at night — ideally a 1:1+ ratio — can help you get to sleep faster, stay asleep longer, and have more restful sleep overall. If you’re using CBD and THC to remedy insomnia or irregular sleep, we recommend taking the same dose every night.

With a revamped sleep schedule and an easier time falling asleep, you’ll go into each day with much more energy instead of starting each day with an uphill battle.

Better sleep might also mean relying less on caffeine, giving you more consistent energy throughout the day as opposed to crashes after having a full pot of coffee each morning.

3. CBD & THC Can Lower Anxiety Levels

In addition to improving sleep and reducing pain, CBD and THC are also acceptable treatments for anxiety. Anxiety is notably terrible for focus, and it also exhausts the body and the mind, zapping your energy.

When taken together and separately, CBD and THC reduce anxiety at the moment as well as over time. This can give the user tons of energy back by removing an energy-sucking stressor. It should be noted that anxiety can cause pain, and vice versa; CBD and THC help with both.

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4. CBD Shows Promise as a Wake-Inducing Drug

CBD and THC have properties that may give users more energy by reducing pain, improving sleep, and lowering anxiety — but CBD also shows promise as an energy enhancement in its own right.

Just as CBD and THC help modulate the sleep cycle, CBD has also been shown to modulate the wake cycle [1]. While CBD showed to promote sleep in some studies, other studies showed that a very small dose (15 mg) of CBD promoted wakefulness when subjects were supposed to be sleeping.

Lab tests have also shown that rats were awakened by CBD when the lights were on but were more restful after CBD was administered during rest.

While these results are promising, they aren’t robust enough to definitively claim that CBD will work as an energy-enhancing compound in every patient every time. However, many users report that taking a small dose, with or without a bit of THC, helps them feel more focused and alert.

Best CBD:THC Ratio for Energy

The best CBD:THC ratio for energy is 1+:1, with one or more parts CBD to every one part THC. It’s also important to note that you should go for small doses of CBD — under 50 mg for frequent users and under 20 mg for newer users — if you want to increase energy.

It’s best to stick with just one part of THC,  just to avoid getting too high to focus. CBD can take the edge off of the psychological effects of THC, so you won’t be as likely to start feeling paranoid or “too high.”

CBD alone can be used to increase energy when taken in smaller doses. However, adding THC to the mix can help you get into a flow state faster, and it helps reduce any pain, inflammation, or anxiety that might make it hard to focus.

Other CBD:THC Ratios

Nowadays, people are getting more and more interested in finding the best ratio of CBD to THC for their ailments.

Here are some of the other optimal CBD to THC ratios based on the current evidence so far:

  • Best CBD:THC Ratio for Multiple Sclerosis — 1:1
  • Best CBD:THC Ratio For Pain — 1:10
  • Best CBD:THC Ratio for Neuropathy — 1:1
  • Best CBD:THC Ratio for Anxiety — 1:1
  • Best CBD:THC Ratio for Fibromyalgia — 1:1, 2:1, or 3:1
  • Best CBD:THC Ratio for Nausea — 1:1+

Final Thoughts: Best CBD:THC Ratio for Energy

CBD shows promise as a wake-promoting drug. However, it may also indirectly improve energy levels, especially when paired with THC. These cannabinoids can help regulate sleep schedules, modulate the sleep-wake cycle, reduce chronic or episodic pain, and lower anxiety levels — all things that reduce your energy levels throughout the day. If you’re taking CBD and THC for energy, the best ratio is 1+:1, dosed with a small concentration of CBD to promote energy without risking drowsiness.


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