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While most strains are hybrids, it is common for dispensaries to list the strain based on the effects, because some hybrids might lean slightly one way, and being transparent about those effects helps you as a customer find that perfect strain–with the desired effects you’re looking for.

For example, while shopping around at different stores, you might find the strain “Blue Dream” listed as either Sativa or Hybrid, because it is generally accepted as a “Sativa-dominant hybrid” or a “hybrid that leans Sativa”.

Q. What is the difference between THC and CBD?

A. THC is the chemical component that gives a cannabis consumer the “high” effect after consuming a cannabis product. Commonly used for both medical and recreational purposes.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is known as the intoxicating part of the plant. THC has been studied to help treat a wide range of illnesses. Even so, many find it to be fun recreationally, too. THC will impair the user, so it is advised to not use machinery or operate a vehicle when under the influence of its effects. THC can help increase appetite, mood, help relieve pain and stress, and much more.

THC has more noticeable side effects than CBD. THC can leave the user with dry mouth, tiredness, and in some cases, it can increase anxiety. This is why itis important to ask questions when buying products. You want to know your dosing and the effects present. For example: “How much of this product should I use at one time?” What are the effects of this strain/product?”

B. CBD is the chemical component present in both cannabis and hemp that, by itself, does not get the user “high”. CBD is used for pain relief, anxiety relief,anti-inflammation, among other beneficial effects. CBD (cannabidiol) has become legal country-wide in 2018. This means CBD from the hemp plant, not the cannabis plant. Either way, CBD has made a huge boom in the natural medicine community.

CBD does not have the same noticeable psychoactive effects as THC. While it is still technically psychoactive, it doesn’t give the user an “intoxicating” high. You can use CBD in all the same ways you can use THC. CBD is commonly used for pain relief, anxiety relief, and sleep aid. It has great topical effects for the skin, too. The effects have been researched extensively. Side effects from CBD are minimal to nonexistent, making it safe for a wide range of users—even pets! Some users may feel some relaxation or a slight decrease in appetite.

There are many different cannabinoids and components of the Cannabis Plant. New cannabinoids are being researched every day. THC and CBD remain the most sought-after components of the plant.

Q. What are Terpenes?

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