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If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve tried cannabis before. But have you ever tried cannabis for sex? From strain-specific pairings to lotions and lubes, quality cannabis can add loads to your bedroom adventures.

cannabis nation heavenly ogFor a pleasant smoke pairing, try our Cannabis Nation in-house flower strain: Heavenly OG. Providing a gentle and relaxed high reminiscent of a warm blanket, but not too sleepy, this strain is perfect for connecting with your partner. Helping to ease tensions and draw you closer to one another, Heavenly OG is the perfect strain for a marathon lovemaking groove.


If you tend to get sleepy when you consume cannabis, try Alaskan Thunder Fuck, or ATF for short. A relaxed, but energetic strain from the wintery North, this exciting selection can set the stage for hours of raunchy, flower-fueled fun. Another Cannabis Nation in-house strain, ATF also works great in edibles. Titans Kind makes a fantastic ATF watermelon candy that can be purchased at several of our locations. If you’d like to bake your own, there are hundreds of amazing canna-butter recipes that can transform your cupcake into a cannabis cupcake. You can read more about edible recipes here.

Dew Luminous

If cannabis-infused lotions are more your speed, the brands Apothecanna and High Desert Pure both make great products. Designed to be used externally to help relax muscles and ease tension, cannabis-infused lotions can calmly get the party started. Because of the way your body absorbs and stores THC (the main cannabinoid associated with a cannabis high), cannabis-infused lotions likely won’t get you rip-roaring high. Providing more localized relief, cannabis-infused lotions can be a great entrance into the world of cannabis and can definitely loosen things up in the bedroom.

Looking for something a bit more multipurpose? Try DEW sex lube by Luminous Botanicals or 4play by Empower Bodycare. With both high THC and balanced

Cannabis Nation THC/CBD options, this (edible) sex lube really does the trick. Made for people of all sexes, shapes and sizes, this cannabis-infused sex lube can take things to new levels in the bedroom. With 2 options to choose from, Luminous Botanicals states that their high THC blend may potentially “accelerate arousal and enhance feeling” and that their balanced THC/CBD blend may potentially “ease discomfort and delay climax”.

As with the lotions, Cannabis-infused sex lube likely won’t get you intensely stoned, and provides a more localized stimulation. Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask about cannabis-infused sex lubes the next time you’re at your local dispensary. These products are designed to make people feel good, and there’s no shame in that. So if you’re curious, be sure to ask your budtender about cannabis-infused sex lubes. (They’ve probably used them too!)


Everyone is different. Be aware that while one strain or product may work great for you, the same thing may not work well for a partner. Experiment to learn what works well for everyone involved. Have fun and play safe.

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