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Have cannabis-related hospitalizations increased in Canada since legalization? Does this mean government should reduce the country’s THC limits? Maybe ban edibles altogether?

What if I told you a published study funded by Big Oil revealed half-a-million birds died every year by running into wind turbines? (That’s true, by the way).

And because of this study, Big Oil recommends the government restrict the production and use of wind turbines.

You’d be suspicious, right?

It has nothing to do with whether you like or dislike wind turbines. Or whether you trust or distrust big oil companies.

It’s obvious this study would be biased. We would need a second opinion on the matter.

Well, that just happened with cannabis… again.

Cannabis Hospitalization: Don’t Believe the Hype 

Cannabis Hospitalizations

It’s becoming routine for Canada’s public health busybodies and corporate presstitutes to denounce cannabis as a dangerous, toxic, addictive substance. 

This year alone, we’ve seen headlines about cannabis causing heart disease, psychosis, depression, and even mass shootings.

And hospitalization. This isn’t our only article on the subject.

Interestingly, we’ve seen very little about cannabinoids blocking COVID-19 infections in the corporate press.

In fact, it’s downright shocking since the corporate press beat the covid drum consistently for two years. Never once questioning the wisdom of public health or the spineless nature of our modern politicians.

It truly is shocking.

Take, for example, this recently released study in the New England Journal of Medicine. Funded by the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction. 

In other words, an anti-green tech study funded by a big oil company. 

Here’s what they found.

This is How Dumb the “Experts” Think You Are

Hospitalizations for cannabis are up. For children. By six times!

The rate was pretty uniform across the country. Except for the provinces that permit edibles. In these provinces, the surge was more than double.

It’s almost like strict anti-marketing rules, child-resistant packaging, and the 10 milligram THC limit had ZERO effect. 

Of course, the total number of hospitalized children over these seven years was 581. Not bad for a nation with 5.6 million children under 14.

In that sense, you could argue Canada’s strict edible approach was a success. Children are always going to get into trouble. Don’t you remember being a kid?

But the public health busybodies see this as a failure. Less than one hundred kids yearly out of a nation of 5.6 million is too much.

They like to blame Ontario Premier Doug Ford and his “wild west” of private-sector cannabis retailers. What Ontario needs, they’ll argue, is a Crown monopoly. Fewer outlets. Less consumer choice.

Forgetting one little important fact.

Most of these hospitalizations occurring after legalization are not because of Doug Ford.

A vast majority of these hospitalizations occur after legalization because before legalization if you showed up to the hospital and said your kid got into your cannabis, they’d likely take your kid and call the police.

Cannabis was illegal. It wasn’t worth the risk. It’s only cannabis. They’ll be fine.

Nobody has ever died from cannabis.

The stoners taking their kids to hospital likely fall into two categories:

a) serious connoisseurs with 100mg+ homemade edibles who are genuinely concerned for their child.

b) legal 10mg shoppers who wear a mask outside in the sun or alone in their cars with the windows up.

Cannabis Hospitalization Study is Trash

This cannabis & hospitalization study was not an experimental, randomized control trial. It didn’t need to be. They were simply reporting the facts.

Since legalization, more parents have taken their kids to the hospital than before legalization. From this, I deduce that these parents do not understand phytocannabinoids or the endocannabinoid system.

If you’re a parent and your child eats a lot of THC, pump ’em full of CBD and wait it out.

But if you’re a researcher and want to do science, you must demonstrate cause and effect.

An observational study cannot do that. Any research finding from this method is trash. It only shows the bias of the researcher.

Consider masking, for example. Here’s a list of 49 observational studies showing that everybody wearing a mask helps stop the flu virus spread.

That list is what confirmation bias looks like.

Here are a couple of randomized control trials on masking for COVID-19. They found it’s beneficial for older adults and the immunocompromised. No one else.

Your Opinion, My Opinion, Who’s Holding the Gun? 

Police at the ready with batons and paramilitary equipment in Ottawa

Public health “experts” make recommendations to the government based on trash studies. That’s what makes them busybodies.

These people are not experts. I might trust them to do heart surgery or conduct an x-ray. But I don’t want them recommending public policy. 

They’re not experts in what we oughta do. 

The problem is the government – the state – is an institutional monopoly of violence. It has the legitimate use of force in society. 

This makes the institution particularly dangerous. If not kept under the control of its subjects, it can work against those subjects’ interests.

In fact, this happens every day. And it’s been going on for centuries. The history of society is a struggle between civil society and the state.

So long as the state holds the gun, that is, enforces its monopoly by the threat of violence – we will be a two-class society. 

State power only increases at the expense of its subjects’ freedom and prosperity. The larger the state, the less freedom the people have.

History is not kind to those who place their faith in the state. There is an entire history of violence and bloodshed to prove it.

Public health busybodies are useful propaganda tools. Lenin would call them useful idiots, but I don’t want to be rude.

I prefer moron. 

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