CBD Stores and Vape Shops are Booming in California

In the last few years, tobacco consumption in California has become less widespread than ever; in its place, cannabis and vapes have taken over. Californians seem to be the best market for CBD-based cannabis products, especially flowers and concentrate, and this is proven by the large influx of CBD smoke and vape shops in different areas of the state.


All CBD products are available in California, except in restaurants, where it is still prohibited to offer CBD food and drinks. All CBD products, including lotions, cosmetics, and tinctures, are legal in the state. Therefore, as tobacconists dwindled, smoke and cannabis businesses began to take their place. Entrepreneurs from all over the country are looking for ways to invest in California’s cannabis market. The state now possesses one of the best and most profitable cannabis industries among the canna-legal states in America. It could be the right time for you to set up shop or invest in one of these budding smoke and vape shops.

The influx of Smoke and Vape Shops in California

Locating state-licensed dispensaries and shops that sell the best CBD products is not difficult in California. The laws governing dispensaries and smoke shops in California are very strict: all cannabis stores must have a license, be selling products with no more THC than is permitted by law, and be at least 600 feet away from any K–12 schools or childcare facilities.


According to the state’s official website, the three licensing agencies have given more than 10,000 commercial licenses to cannabis businesses across California since it became legal, allowing for the sale of both CBD and marijuana-related products. This shows that securing a permit for a vape shop isn’t difficult to obtain or renew.

Things to Consider When Setting Up Smoke and Vape Stores in California

Opening a vape shop is not as simple as starting most businesses. But there are a few crucial elements that, if taken care of right away, can position your company for success in the future.

Find the best location

As with other new retail businesses, you should find a site for your vape shop with plenty of traffic and visibility, parking, and an enticing storefront. As CBD has become more popular, it has spread to gas stations and convenience stores, so you may be competing with them. Investing the time to do a competitive analysis and research available commercial real estate to determine the best location could mean the difference between success and failure.

Learn about the laws in your preferred area

The permits and regulatory criteria necessary to open a vape shop are significant. Vaping and e-cigarettes are generally subject to the same rules that govern the sale and use of tobacco. Some towns in California have their own set of laws. To learn about the rules you must abide by and the permits you must obtain, it is crucial to contact your local authorities. You can save time by including this in your business plan and avert serious or legal problems in the future.

Analyze the initial expenditures

You should also be familiar with the start-up costs of opening a vape shop. The direct expenses that must be considered while operating a vape shop are listed below.

  • renting a storefront for a location

  • Application fees for licenses and permits obtaining business insurance

  • payroll and tax expenses, especially if you wish to hire staff early.

  • Retail racks, counter space, POS system, and other essential company supplies

Find reliable suppliers and place orders for top-notch stock.

It’s crucial to locate a reliable supplier that offers goods that your customers would value. The last thing you need or want is for your supplier to stop supplying you with the goods you provide or for them to stop being dependable. To find a supplier to use, try doing some preliminary research online or asking around at your favorite vape shops. Make careful when ordering inventory that you aren’t only picking products you’d like to use.

Establish an inviting atmosphere

One of the most effective ways to set yourself apart from the competition is through the atmosphere of your store. To do this, you must create an atmosphere that motivates clients to stay in your store longer while remaining safe. To help you do that, think about incorporating the following components into your store to create a cozy, appealing vaper lounge:

  • comfortable sofas and chairs

  • TVs, lots of lighting, and music

  • patio with a seating area (if your space allows it)

What To Offer Californians In Your Smoke and Vape Shops

The major items sold in a vape shop are flowers, concentrates, and vape pens.

Flowers and concentrates

There are countless different strains of flowers you could sell to cannabis lovers in California. Most times, it’s preferable to stock up on flowers with catchy names like LA Confidential, Granddaddy Purple, or Nina Limon. On the other hand, concentrates pack a bigger punch than flowers, so they are occasionally used to top off flowers in a joint or bowl. The extracts are offered in various forms, including kief, wax, and oils.

Vape pens

One of the simplest ways to enjoy an extract is by using a vape pen. The neat container that they come in has a cartridge containing the oil, a rechargeable battery that powers the pen, and a charger that connects to your laptop. A few well-known cartridge producers in California include Legion of Bloom, Dosist, and Bloom Farms.


Here is a list of other everyday products you can sell in your smoke or vape shop.

  • menthol and mint cigarettes.

  • Cigars, even flavored ones, as long as the town does not have a flavor ban in place.

  • Tobacco products other than e-cigarettes as long as the municipality has not placed a taste restriction on such items.

  • Nicotine-containing e-cigarettes with a maximum nicotine content of 35 milligrams per milliliter of vaping fluid.

  • Devices designed to deliver concentrates like rolling papers, hookahs, bongs, etc.

  • Vitamin E acetate-free vaporizer products 

Bottom Line

Customers have a variety of competitive vape shops to select from, but they will always pick the one that feels the most welcoming. While there are many things you can do to improve the physical environment of your business, your attitudes and the attitudes of your staff may have a more significant influence.





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