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If George Jetson smoked weed, his bong might look something like a Hitoki Trident V2; it’s a laser bong, for real. The Hitoki Trident V2 is an all-in-one device that takes the cannabis experience to another level. It’s an investment piece. As a medical user, cannabis is critical for my health, thus, sometimes I need to smoke a lot of it. For both the sake of my lungs and my bank account, I can’t afford to be inefficient. I am always on a quest to get the best buzz from my bud. Recently, I acquired this high-tech, fancy flower bong, and gave it a thorough testing. Yep, I took many for the team… Let me tell you, this thing is different from anything else I’ve tried. If you’re a medical patient or just smoke a lot of pot, there’s a lot of reasons to consider this laser bong. With that being said, here is my honest review of Hitoki’s Trident V2. 

Laser Bong??? What is that?

The Trident V2 is a flower bong that uses a laser to vaporize and combust plant material. Similar to a vape pen, you hit the power button five times to turn it on; then, double-tap or hold it to fire the laser. Directly at the center of the bowl, its laser concentrates its power on your weed. Essentially, you turn on a fierce beam of light and heat, then poof! There’s smoke. The effect is similar to a vaporizer but it’s stronger, and, you are left with a bowl of ash. 

One benefit of this beauty is the fact that you never need to worry about having a lighter. Plug it into a USB-C charger and you are good for quite some time. According to the information pamphlet, a three-hour charge will provide you with at least two hundred and eighty tokes. 

The effect – A different kind of high…

Not only does the Trident V2 get you ripped, but it also does it in a different way. Just as a Volcano Vaporizer will produce a unique effect, this device puts its own spin on the experience. Stronger than vaping and different than smoking, it’s unlike any other method I have tried. 

This is not a big surprise to me because after all, not all bud compounds burn the same; every cannabinoid and terpene has its own optimal combustion temperature. If you are using a lighter or a torch, you can’t target THC without burning away terpenes and minor cannabinoids. With the precise temperature settings of laser technology, more of these compounds can be preserved. 

Strain choice – I used strains that I had quite a bit of experience with and it was as though the Trident brought out the best in them. Despite my tolerance, it was almost like I had used a new, stronger strain or, was ending a tolerance break.

Temperature, Terpenes, and Taste

If you smoke weed and want a heavy haul, the flavor is usually sacrificed. With a laser bong, this is not an issue. You can change the device’s temperature with every toke you take. Signified by the color of the light behind the button, there are three settings tailored for optimal terpene combustion: 

Mild Red – If you are all about tasting the terps or just want an easy inhale, the coolest level will get the job done. It produces light, tasty smoke that is quite mild on the lungs. 

Middle Green – The middle-temperature setting is designed to provide a strong toke that doesn’t sacrifice taste. 

Hot Blue – If you’re one of those looking to ‘cough to get off’, the hottest setting with definitely do that. According to the device directions, this temperature is meant for “essential oil-infused herbal blends”. I interpreted these directions as ‘flower mixed with concentrates or hash’ and confirmed this with rigorous testing. 

Neat thing to note – I noticed that the laser’s diameter changes with each setting. Specifically, the laser gets smaller when you turn up the temperature (a cool thing to watch when you’re taking a toke). 

Tips for successful toking

Hitoki’s Trident V2 is pretty straightforward but there are some things you need to be aware of to use it successfully. These troubleshooting tips are really all you need to know:

Tip #1 – Pack your bowls tightly and use the first toke to get it going. 

The instructions will tell you to avoid overpacking but I never had any issues with airflow. As soon as the laser hits the packed bowl, the bud burns; combustion is no issue. A lightly packed bowl will go up in smoke on the first drag. If you want to get the best bang for your bud, load a large bowl and pack it down.

Tip #2 – Keep that poking tool handy

The Trident V2 comes with a small poking tool and you want to keep that close at hand. It’s small and looks like it belongs in a dentist’s office, giving the illusion that it’s easy to replace. In reality, this thing is designed to perfectly fit the flower bowl dimensions. The wide end is great for packing down flower and the pointy part is meant to clear the bowl’s air holes. If you are having trouble getting a good haul, this is the only tool you will ever need.

Tip #3 – Partially smoked bowls need to be packed down

After you have taken a toke or two, use the poking tool to compress the ash and remaining flower. If you don’t, you may end up throwing out good weed by accident. After the laser combusts plant material, all that remains is ash. If the initial toke didn’t light the whole bowl, you need to compress what’s left so that the laser can connect with it. Partially smoked bowls need to be packed down or they won’t fully combust.


Just like most bongs, the Hitoki Trident doesn’t take long to get dirty (individual experiences may vary depending on use…ahem). However, you will find that instead of burned bits of bud, you’re cleaning resin and fine ash. Some bongs are terrible for sucking a half-burned bowl into the water. Thankfully, this device doesn’t do that.

How to clean it:

  • The Trident is made of metal, high-quality acrylic, silicone, and ceramic material and comes apart into five pieces. 
  • You can use isopropyl alcohol to wipe the non-electronic parts, but it wouldn’t be wise to let anything soak. 
  • For your best smoking experience, always remember to keep your laser clean! Use a q-tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol and swab your laser lens.

Usually, I don’t buy smoking devices that contain acrylic because I find they never stay fresh. The reality is that I put my devices through heavy use and acrylic bongs get gnarly quick. This thing is different. It can be reset and refreshed without being ruined.

The Price – $500 USD plus taxes ($625 CAD plus taxes)

Paying $500 USD for a pot-smoking device is not something everybody is comfortable with, especially if you have medical expenses. However, there are sometimes it’s worth it, especially when it’s an investment in your quality of life. To discern whether the price is worth its value, it usually comes down to asking yourself a few important questions: Does it offer any benefits to areas like health or finances? Will it save me from buying certain things in the future, such as lighters or butane? Is it a quality piece of equipment? Does it come with a warranty? The answers to these questions weigh differently for each of us and they are focused on the value of the product. Determining when or if it’s in your budget comes after.


To ensure the device’s functions work properly, Hitoki’s Trident V2 comes with a six-month warranty. For an extra $150, you can extend the warranty to three years and it comes with a couple of replacement bowls. If you need to use it for any reason, the company will send you a shipping label to cover the costs. 

Pot smokers are always looking for a way to get the best bang for their bud, but sometimes that comes at the cost of their lungs. If you’re looking to invest in a smoking device that is solid, effective, and easy on the body, you should consider Hitoki’s Trident V2. Based on all the reasons listed above, I would strongly recommend this product.

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