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Description: CBD has so many benefits in the medical sector, and CBD for motion sickness is one of them. But how exactly does CBD help with motion sickness?

Simple things like riding the bus to work or taking the ferry back home don’t seem daunting until you have to deal with motion sickness. Having to fight the unpleasant urge to throw up once in motion is annoying. But that’s not all a person suffering motion sickness will have to fight, below are more motion sickness symptoms:

  •     dizziness
  •     hyperventilation
  •     sweating followed by body chills
  •     blurred vision
  •     nausea
  •     increased saliva production

The cure for this condition may be something as simple as sitting down or taking a deep breath, but medication is needed for more severe cases. Most get prescribed traditional meds, but a few go-to CBD Shelter to get their motion sickness medicine. How to use CBD oil for motion sickness will depend on the extent of your condition.


Why Does Motion Sickness Occur?

The reason behind motion sickness is pretty simple. It is caused by conflicting signals being sent to the brain’s different sensory centers when the balance center is disrupted. Your sensory systems are responsible for your eyesight, hearing, smelling, taste, and sense of touch. The results of an overwhelming sensation can result in motion sickness for the individual. The inner ear is responsible for maintaining the body’s equilibrium and may be affected by several factors leading to motion sickness.

The first cause is when a disturbance is triggered by the impact of the inner ear organs. This may happen through falling or an impact accident.

The second possible cause of prevalent motion sickness is when the inner ear gets infected by a bacteria or virus. For these cases, the medication used would first control the motion sickness and eliminate the infection. CBD products alone are not enough to battle infections.


What is CBD?

CBD, aka Cannabidiol, is extracted from the hemp plant, the sister to the marijuana plant. The two are quite similar in compound composition, but marijuana has more THC than CBD, and the hemp has the opposite. CBD is a significant compound used widely in the medical industry. Notably, it has anti-inflammatory properties, immunosuppressant, immunomodulator, and pain-relieving properties, among others. CBD, which resembles the body’s natural cannabinoids, interacts with the endocannabinoid system for various bodily functions. Thus, CBD for motion sickness seems like a reasonable claim backed up with tangible evidence.


CBD Oil Benefits that Help Fight Motion Sickness

A CBD oil dosage is useful for fighting motion sickness since the CBD compounds interact with the endocannabinoid system to help regulate key body processes, including balance. The balance center is what tells the body where up and down is. It also enables us to walk without falling over as it readjusts itself with every step we take. CBD aids the system functioning of the vestibular system.

CBD for seasickness may help fight the nauseating and vomiting feeling as well. In small doses, CBD interacts with the serotonin releasing receptors in the brain, resulting in a reduction in nausea and vomiting.


How To Take CBD Oil for Motion Sickness

The best CBD products for motion sickness are tinctures, gummies, and topical creams. The recommended least dosage range is 500 mg per 30ml container. This range is a medium dosage that may help curb motion sickness. If you suffer chronic motion sickness, a higher potency CBD dosage is recommended.


Tip on Using CBD Oil for Motion Sickness


Start small

Whenever you start any form of treatment, it is wise to start small and progress upwards. The same applies to CBD for motion sickness. This enables the body to adapt naturally and smoothly to the new substance.


Use the right delivery system

Indeed, some ways may get the CBD faster into the system, but they may not be appropriate for the place or time. For example, smoking or vaping might be the fastest, but you cannot smoke or vape on a plane or boat. For these cases, you might be forced to go with either topical use or edible solutions.


Get your products from a trusted seller

There are many sites and dealers you can acquire these CBD products from, but not all have the quality product. The quality of CBD starts at the point of growing the cannabis or hemp plant. Industrial Hemp has lower levels of beneficial compounds for humans and animals compared to craft batch Hemp. CBD oil’s potency, efficacy, and quality is also impacted at the point of extraction. Some CBD products use isolate, broad-spectrum, or full-spectrum CBD oil – all of which have different effects for different users. 

This is why you must research for the certified sellers, such as dispensaries, ask many questions, verify your research, and source products from quality vendors. A key thing to take note of is their knowledge of the products they retail. If they know what they are selling and explain in detail backing the claims with scientific info, they will be able to provide up-to-date information about CBD. But if you find a seller who has no idea what they sell, they are most likely unaware of the quality of their product.


It is recommended you ingest or use CBD dosage before the trip

Before you get on the plane, boat, or car, it is best to use the CBD product before getting onboard. This gives the body ample time to adjust itself before facing the stimulus, which is abrupt movement. That said, half an hour to an hour before boarding is sufficient for a smooth ride. Taking it too early might not be as effective as the effects might wear off in the middle of your trip, forcing you to add a dose. However, there are many mobile friendly edibles and soft oil capsules. Keep in mind the dosage will also depend on the duration of the journey and your individual tolerance level for CBD.


Seek an expert

The last tip is to seek medical advice from a qualified expert who knows CBD’s ins and outs. They are in a better position to recommend the best CBD strains for motion sickness and direct you on the best methods for consumption.



Motion sickness would have anyone cringe at the very idea of going for a road trip, boat trip, or flight.  But CBD might surely help, and so you can take that trip without a worry. Just be keen to follow the doctor’s recommendations, and you will be on your way to exploring more adventures.


Have any questions on CBD for motion sickness? Ask us in the comment section below.

Author’s Bio: Chele battles with car sickness, which made driving impossible. CBD came to the rescue. Now she takes CBD with her breakfast before driving her kids to school.

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