Raw Cones vs. New King Palm Hemp Cones

raw cones vs king palm hemp cones

Raw Cones may have dominated the pre-rolled cones market with their naturap hemp cones for a long time, but there is a new premium alternative option available from King Palm. They’ve created a tough competitor with their all-natural hemp cones, which some even include flavored terpene-infused filter tips. Their focus has always been on creating the most naturally made products possible, and this direction has allowed their brand to surge in popularity among cannabis smokers. They’re endorsed by some of the biggest pot head celebrities that can be seen on their about page. 


The more health-conscious choice that is better for yourself and the environment comes with these unprocessed natural hemp cones. No chemicals are used when making these pre-rolled cones. The organic hemp papers are made from the highest quality plants, ensuring a higher-class smoking session.


King Palm brings a higher standard with their cannabis smoking products. Each of their newly released hemp cones is made from sustainable and all-natural hemp. These new pre-rolled cones sold out almost instantly when released online. Soon they will be able to be purchased in smoke shops worldwide. Highly rated already, they are sought after by the cannabis consumer who enjoys a clean and smooth burn directly from nature. 


Delicious and Natural Terpene Infused Oil Flavors

Enjoy the ingenuity of activating the burst of delicious and natural flavor. Squeeze the filter until it pops. Do this after packing the pre-roll cone and before lighting up. Or after smoking a few hits. The flavor experience is much superior compared to flavored rolling papers and provides a tastier experience.

The Difference

Reading the reviews on Amazon about Raw cones will reveal a lot among the negative reviews found. It’s common to find people complaining about their throat getting burned and Raw cones burning unevenly. There are also complaints about quality control found on the top negative reviews on Amazon, which include Raw cones having the majority of their filter tips falling off. The King Palm company understood these concerns when producing their Hemp cones to avoid these problems.



The sizes of King Palm hemp cones include the most popular, which are 1 ¼ and king-size. Packs of 3, 6, 25, and 50 are available for sale. They give an all-natural way to enjoy smoking cannabis. The bulk sizes contain 12 or 24 bamboo packing sticks. The flavored options include filter tips loaded with a crush-to-activate terpene-infused flavor tip. These flavor-infused tips can boost the pleasure of any cannabis smoking session.


Get ready to get wild with these available flavor options: California Cream, Money Mango, Watermelon Diesel, Banana Foster, Lil Lemon, Honey Berry, and Natural.


Every hemp cone is 100% natural, has no additives, and has clean smoke.  


6 Pack Natural Hemp Cones (1 ¼ Size) for $1.50

Anyone can enjoy a delightful cannabis smoke session with pre-rolled natural hemp cones. Whether a new cannabis smoker or a professional toker, these hemp cones are a great way to save time and guarantee good, smooth cannabis smoke.


The Raw brand also creates a 6-pack of cones. However, it comes at double the price! 


Bulk Size Flavored Hemp Cones For Retailers

Local or online smoke shops can increase sales with the bulk options of Hemp cones. There are 36 cones in 12-count variety packs with flavors of Blueberry Burst, Mango Maui, Lemon Loud, Russian Cream, Banana Rama, and Watermelon Diesel.


With choices like this, terpene-infused filters, and all-natural handcrafted rolls, there is no better life than living like The King.


How to Pack a Hemp Cone

First, prepare the cannabis with a rolling tray or on a clean and dry surface, and place some good buds of green. Using finger power or a grinder, break up the herb until it is sufficiently grounded. We suggest checking out the cool weed grinders and rolling trays available at King Palm.


Begin by putting in a small amount of herb at a time. Use the cardboard poker tool included to pack in the herb periodically. Do not pack it too tightly as it can prevent a smooth burn. Twist the end up tightly.


Pre-rolled hemp cones are the best option to enjoy an incredible joint without being a professional roller. Enjoy these hemp cones created by a company that is looking out for its fellow kings and Queens. Get your cones shipped straight to your front door, or find and request them at your local smoke shop! We suggest their roach clips to hold any of your pre-rolls while smoking.





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