Save the Rest of That Joint for Later!

how to save a joint for later

All cannabis fans should be familiar with how to light a joint and store it for later. It ranks right up there, along with activities like loading a bowl, operating a grinder and maintaining a dab setup.


However, in order to achieve the finest results, how exactly should you extinguish your joints? And what are the best ways to save the leftover for later?


For extinguishing your lit weed, the best methods are:

–  By leaving it to sit in an ashtray

–  By blowing into the joint for about 10 seconds 

–  By stubbing

–  By flicking the joint

–  By grazing (just like stunning but with less force.

–  By cutting


Saving a joint for later comes after you’ve mastered how to put one out. However, not a good idea to just leave your joints outside for days on end. It will all go wrong if you do it.


A half-smoked doobie can be best preserved for future use by properly storing it.




Storing in a Titanium Container

An airtight titanium container is one of the best choices for preserving your partially smoked marijuana and is one of the most preferred methods of preservation.


It also need not be a massive container. Once you’ve mastered the art of putting out a joint, all you need is a basic titanium tube with a cover, say, a cigar-sized container, to store the remnants.


Because you’re likely to return and finish that thing today or tomorrow, you don’t need a lot of space to keep many joints.


Store in a Glass Jar

Joints that have been partially smoked should be kept in a glass canning jar with a lid. Mason jars are resistant to oxygen permeability, unaffected by retained humidity, and unaffected by temperature changes.


Glass also doesn’t release any chemical substances that would suffocate the fresh aroma of the terpenes (such as myrcene and humulene) in your joint.


Unfortunately, the majority of clear mason jars won’t stop your marijuana from drying out and cracking from heat or sunshine damage. Glass jars that are opaque or have a dark hue are thus always a wise choice.


Use clear glass instead of dark glass jars if you can’t find any, and store it away from sources of residual heat in a closet or cupboard.


Make Use of Resealable Cans

After learning how to extinguish a joint, a resealable can is a wonderful alternative for long- or short-term preservation.  You can be sure it works because the concept of food preservation, as well as other perishable items in metal cans, is one that has been practiced for over 200 years.


Some cans have a resealable plastic cap that preserves the freshness and prevents the marijuana (or joint) inside it from getting spoiled.  Everything from partially smoked cannabis to unfinished wax and shatter can be kept in empty cans for later use.


You Should Avoid Plastic Bags

A plastic bag should never be used to store a joint, whether it is lit or not. One of the worst things you can do to save a J for later is to put it in plastic. Plastic baggies are the most well-known problem.


Nothing that plastic baggies do can prevent light, oxygen, cold, heat, or moisture from entering your marijuana. You’d be better off just leaving the joint on the ledge and keeping the plastic bag for your snack mix or olive bread sandwich.


Plastic also has a static charge that can attract priceless trichomes from the plant matter onto it, turning it into a fine, sticky, powdery mess that you’ll never be able to get out of the bag and back into the joint. This makes plastic a terrible material for keeping your weed fresh.


As we previously indicated, it’s fine to simply leave the leftovers in the ashtray if you intend to burn the remaining portions of the joint in a few hours. It doesn’t need to be put into a plastic bag.  Storage tips can very on cannabis products like flower, concentrates, or edibles.


Plan to keep the leftovers in a glass jar, a titanium container, or a resealable can if you need to wake up and take a puff or two before breakfast and may have to put your joint out midway through.




Consider the type of cannabis in the joint at the beginning when learning how to put out a joint to make the process simpler for yourself. Always try to get the best bud whenever possible, whether you purchase a joint at the neighborhood dispensary or roll your own at home.


Anything short of the best puts you at risk of having a disappointing trip. Everyone opposes that. The best marijuana also burns smoother and more evenly and will burn out faster when it’s time to smoke and leave.


What exactly is the best type?


Talking about the best type of weed you can save, it should be fresh, high-quality, and organically grown. You could surely save some money by purchasing the average or regular weed, but those are going to give you an unpleasant experience that will spoil the moment.


The easiest approach to improve the experience of smoking a joint is to always purchase the best beasters or, even better, headies if you can afford them. Additionally, a top-notch, organic strain will allow you to get the desired benefits with less marijuana. A couple of hits of top-shelf marijuana are really effective. The joint can then be burned and saved for later.


Always use a high-quality, sustainably sourced, organically cultivated cannabis bud for your joint to get the maximum enjoyment out of the experience.




People save their weed (rolled up) to be continued another time for various reasons. In order to save your weed and come back later to enjoy it, you need to use either a glass jar, titanium container, or resealable can while staying away from plastic bags. Putting off a joint the right way also goes a long way as to how the joint can be properly saved and resumed as well as using the right type of weed, i.e., high-grade.





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